For Oxfam: Sounds of 2014

by Bandhouse Records and Friends

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We are celebrating the end of the year with this compilation - showcasing artists that we've worked or crossed paths with!

This album is a special Christmas release to raise money for Oxfam! It is available from Sunday 15th of December 2013 until Sunday 19th of January 2014!


released December 15, 2013

This compilation © 2013, 2014 Bandhouse Records

Collated and curated by Alice Quintana and John O'Sullivan
Cover design: John O'Sullivan
Cover illustration: Kevin O'Sullivan



all rights reserved


No Robots Were Harmed London, UK

No Robots Were Harmed is an independent London-based record label

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Track Name: STRNGRS - Subtle Reminder
Every day I can see myself
Takin' hints from the devil
Put me down, wake me up again
with little tricks from the devil
Every day I can see myself
takin' hints from the devil
Take my head, make it full again
with little bits from the
little bits from the...
When my trail runs cold, gone without a trace
I'm alone with the devil
And disregard that he wears my face
I'm not a clone of the devil
No need to look, yeah close the case
I'm just alone with the devil
I said nevermind that he wears my face
I'm not a clone of the, no not a clone of the...
Another way, I'm talking means to end
Just take some tips from the devil
Don't call it old, call it "broken in"
always a fix from the devil
I've been awake, I've been alive
while shaking hands with the devil
I've made a point, not to waste my prime
by making plans with the devil
We're almost there I can taste it
(when you think about me)
We're almost there I can taste it
(Don't you worry about me)
Just checking in with you, a subtle reminder
not to worry 'bout this road
Lest we not forget that you're blindfolded and
we don't even know where we're suppoesed to go
Just checking in with you, a subtle reminder
not to worry 'bout this road
I'm wiping sweat from my brow, and its not the nerves
Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?
He looks like me, he wears my clothes
He looks like me, he wears my clothes
Track Name: Sullivn - Come Back (Radio Edit)
I had the time of my life
But seeing you here
It just cuts like a knife
So I'll paint a picture for you
Theyr'll be no colour
Cos it's black and blue

I had no reason to see
Or hear what you clearly
Were saying to me
I want you out of my head
I gotta find
What should be there instead

Come back
You're all that I see
Come back
Be waiting for me
I'll make no plans
And I'll bide my time
Maybe you'll give me a sign
Come back

I see your beautiful face
Your eyes and that smile 
And I know my place
I look to you
And you look to me
Well I have a fight to be free

Come back...

Music/lyrics © John O'Sullivan 2013, 2014
Track Name: Alexey Zelensky - A Never Meeting
Listen my beloved, look
Here he comes across the mountains
Listen my beloved, look
Here she gases through the windows
Listen my beloved, look
Apple tree among the forest
Listen my beloved, look
Lily's she among the thorns
Awake North Wind
And come the South Wind
Blow on my garden
It's fragrance may spread everywhere
Wind has blown across the fields
Do I hear the words within
Let them roll among the waves
Let me roll among your waves
Track Name: Mimika - The Earthlings (From a Place Glowing a Brilliant Red)
"Welcome to Great Rift Sea, an usual feature on planet Earth. Our scientist are slowly discovering how this planet works and where we fit into this extraordinary picture. One interesting, yet purely speculative hypothesis is that we originate on this planet and our ancestors somehow made a leap across the interplanetary space. Much research is currently being done to uncover the untold history which we might belong to. Follow this programme weekly..."